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Prairie Dog Huntiing

Daily Hunting Daily Hunting Daily Hunting
Lodging Lodging Lodging
3 Daily Meals
*Breakfast, Sack Lunch, Supper*
3 Daily Meals
*Breakfast, Sack Lunch, Supper*
All refreshments All refreshments  
Target shooting Target shooting  
Transportation *Self-Transportation*  
All field hunting field gear (Benches, spotting scope, range finder, binoculars) *NO FIELD GEAR* *Lodging and hunting access only” Great DIY option!
$250/Person/Day $200/Person/Day

          *Must have minimum party size of 4 people to book!*

Praire DogThe black-tailed prairie dog is found throughout much of western South Dakota and has allowed us to be the Prairie Dog State of the country. If you're looking for a prairie dog hunt that justifies your trip to South Dakota, you want to hunt with us. We have a great selection of land that has given us the opportunity to offer Prairie Dog Hunting here with Missouri River Outfitters. We have over 5,000 acres of rolling prairie that has 5 different prairie dog towns located on the land. We do a hunt rotation during your stay. This means you will get a taste of shooting at all distances as well as the ability to hunt different terrain as we will hunt different pieces of land each day.

Praire DogThe hunt being offered is a 2 or 3 day hunt. The most favorable time to hunt the dogs is end of May through early June as the pups are just coming out and it is common to have 5-6 dogs sitting on top of every mound. With that being said you can ensure numerous opportunities to get some shooting in. Trust us, this is about the most fun you can legally have. Again, if you're going to come all the way out to South Dakota to hunt prairie dogs, you might as well make it worth the trip. We have all the ingredients of an awesome prairie dog hunt!

Description: Prairie Dog Towns - This year we have obtained access to thousands of acres of prime dog town land by Enning, SD. Total land area is greater than 6 square miles of dog towns. All privately owned land.

Lodging: We have opened up our ranch house for lodging for groups of 4-10 people. It is about 700 sq. foot on the main level with a very spacious upstairs. The ranch house has everything for our guests to feel comfortable while hunting with us. The ranch house will comfortably sleep 1-2 on main level and 6-7 more upstairs. Upstairs has 2 rooms that are 18x15 and each room has 4 double beds in them. It is a bunk-house style lodging where you will have 4 guys per room. You will have full access to all TV programs and Wi-Fi internet while lodging with us. We have set the lodging rate at $25/night per person. We can lodge up to 10 people. Full onsite amenities are available to each of our guests.

Remember: You will be served 3 meals a day while you are here. We will come cook breakfast, provide a sack lunch meal in the field for lunch, and then a great home cooked supper in the evening. You are also welcome to bring your own food and may use the kitchen. After dinner, the ranch house is all yours and you are able to sit back, relax and talk about the day while looking forward to another exciting day in the field tomorrow! DIRECTV and internet are available in lodge. Call if you have any questions on lodging or meals.

Schedule: The schedule we follow is your schedule. That means that we will start shooting as early as you would like and end when you have had your fulfillment of shots. We have found that a 9am-3pm shooting time frame is adequate and is the best shooting time for ample opportunities.

Season Dates:Typically we like to start booking around Memorial Day. The weather is typically warm and many of the adult dogs have just had their "pups." So you are able to get many opportunities. After that, the shooting is usually great until the snow flies. Year round shooting is permitted on private land in South Dakota.

Benches:We do provide 360* shooting benches. All are available to you! We also provide a large canopy cover, spotting scopes, range finders, cooler with drinks and weight bags. Our GOLD package includes all of the listed items; however, we do encourage you to bring all gear that you are comfortable using.

Semi-Guided: Our hunts are set up where you follow the guide to the prairie dog towns and you will do the rest. We will be there to take you to other pieces of land if you wish, otherwise we just sit back and relax…and watch you shoot!

Target Range:If you need to site in your scope prior to the hunt we do have a shooting range available. We want everything sited in prior to going out and hunting the dogs.

Must Have's To Bring - Binoculars, sun block, range finder, spotting scopes, camera, video camera, ammo.

Rifles: Any caliber and any rifle is accepted.

Ammo: You can expect to shoot 200-300 rounds per day.

Prairie Dog License: South Dakota does require a $40 varmint license to shoot prairie dogs on private ground. Our entire dog towns are on private ground so this is all you need.

Airport and Transportation:We provide airport pickup if you are flying commercially into the Rapid City, SD airport. Private aircraft can be flown into Sturgis, SD. Both places are an hour from our ranch and we will pick you up for free.

Availability:Slots are on a first come, first serve basis and all dates are guaranteed with 50% deposit.

Reservations: Call to make your reservation. We will work with you on getting your preferred dates. Our hunting calendar on our website is kept current and updated daily so please check there first to see if your dates are available. We do not double book. Reserved dates are in RED.

More Questions:If you have any other questions or have some dates in mind please let us know by emailing or calling and we can hold that date with a 50% deposit.

LIMITS/LICENSES:During the open season, there is no limit on the number of prairie dogs you may shoot. Residents must have a predator/varmint license, a furbearer license, or any other current-year South Dakota resident hunting license. Nonresidents must have a SD nonresident predator/varmint license or any other current-year, South Dakota nonresident hunting license.


A parent, guardian, or a responsible adult (at least 18 years old) must accompany juveniles under age 16 while hunting.

Resident youths who are at least 12 years of age or will turn 12 by Dec. 31 may buy licenses and hunt in South Dakota. Hunter safety cards are required only for youth’s ages 12 to 15 years of age. Anyone younger cannot hunt in South Dakota. A parents or guardian must accompany the youth when obtaining the license.

Nonresident youths who are 12 to 15 years of age need a copy of their hunter safety card or a copy of a current or a previous hunting license issued to them from any state. The fee for the nonresident youth small game license is $25. The license is valid for two, five-day periods, the same as the adult license. It is for nonresidents’ ages 12 through 15. A parents or guardian must accompany the youth when obtaining the license.

Our best dates go early, due to our high number of return clients. We highly recommend early bookings for the best dates. Deposits are required to confirm and hold dates. We accept all payment forms.
* NOTICE Deposit and Cancellation Policy:*A 50% deposit is required within 14 days of reservation to secure dates. Balance due 60 days prior to reservation. Cancellations made less than 60 days of arrival date forfeit entire payment. Cancellations prior to 60 days of arrival date forfeit only the deposit. Forfeited balances may be used toward a rescheduled hunt within one year. All deposits are nonrefundable. Rates subject to change.

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